The Beard Growth Kit
The Beard Growth Kit
The Beard Growth Kit
The Beard Growth Kit

The Beard Growth Kit

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Discover how the Beard Roller Helps Men Rejuvenate & Regenerate Beard Hair Follicles🧔

Introducing the Beard Growth Kit. The Method made to Promote A Fuller & Thicker Beard

The Kit Includes

  • Beard Roller - Stimulates Sleeping Follicles & Maximizes Serum Absorption  
  • Activator Serum - Activates your Facial Hairs & Boosts Your Beard Growth
  • Roller Sanitizer - Is Designed to Keep the Beard Roller Clean
  • Travel Comb - Will Make you the Most Groomed Man in the Room

How It Works

The Derma Roller Creates Microscopic Channels that triggers the body's healing response. This Causes Collagen production which is what Maximizes Blood Circulation, Stimulates Follicle Growth & Keratin Production in and around the targeted area. 

Using the Derma Roller on Bald or Thin spots can help Revive Dead, Dormant & Malnourished Hair Follicles

We don't make crazy claims stating new hairs will grow, or any other junk you may have come across with competitors.

With Trials done specifically for beards, & the use of micro needling in the Dermatology field for 20 years, we can stand behind saying Derma Rolling will Promote a Fuller, Thicker & Denser Beard.

The Roller is equipped with the 0.5mm needle, the ideal balance between safe & painless, most men see growth in hairs within 4-8 weeks when using the kit persistently.

The Activator serum aids  dormant 'sleeping' follicles by providing nourishment.

The natural plant based active ingredient, Capilia Longa, derived from the Curcuma longa plant (AKA Turmeric), has proved positive results for hair growth in clinical studies: Average gain of 13500 hairs and up to 52% increase in Beard Density.

We recommend a Beard Journey of at least 3 Months to get a realistic indication of your growth potential. You can start using the Beard Growth Kit with Any Type of Beard & Length.

Do not expect a Full Beard Over Night as it is a journey, but the beard growth kit will help make it as smooth as possible.

The Perfect Beard Growth Set at Half the Cost of the Other Guys.

Results Will Vary Based On Each User Above Is Various Examples

How to Use

✅ Clean: Sterilize the Beard Roller Before & after every use with the Sanitizer


  • Apply very light pressure when rolling on the skin. Roll 10 times back & forth, horizontally, vertically all across the desired areas . Apply the Activator serum once you finished rolling the desired areas.
  • After rolling rinse your skin & use the provided serum & even combine with a hydration product/Castor oil of your choice as serums will penetrate deeply.

 Use time: 1-2 times a week


    What you will Get 

    • Activator x 1
    • Sanitizer x 1
    • Beard Roller x 1
    • Comb x 1 


    Do not share The Roller with other people; Keep the Roller always clean and dry; Store in a safe place out of the reach of children.


    The Roller is not intended for medical use. It is designed for home use only. Results may vary from case to case. .


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