3 in 1 Irrigation System
3 in 1 Irrigation System
3 in 1 Irrigation System
3 in 1 Irrigation System
3 in 1 Irrigation System

3 in 1 Irrigation System

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A Hydrated Garden is a Happy Garden!

We all know how time consuming it can be to water your lawn and garden. No matter how much you do it, it never seems like enough

Hours of watering, and expensive irrigation systems, it isn't easy to keep a healthy green lawn, and nobody wants to spend a couple thousand to get a fancy in ground irrigation system!

This is why we are now offering an affordable solution!

Our All In One Irrigation System is the greatest solution for any gardening need.

It has 3 functions, it offers drip, sprinkler and misting system. It can even be used to create a misting system for your patio to create some cool relief on a hot summer day!

Whether you have a big property that requires way too much time to water manually. Or you just want to set it up for your garden so that you can water it with the touch of a button. This does it all. 


✅ 1 x 30 Meters / 100 Feet 
✅ 30 x Shaft
✅ 30 x Sprinkler/Dripper
✅ 30 x T Adaptor
✅ 1 x Sealing Tape
✅ 1 x Universal Adaptor

✅ 1 x User Manual


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