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If you've ever stripped a screw or broken off the head of a bolt, you know how frustrating that can be! 🔩

Well, not anymore. Introducing the 5 piece damaged screw & bolt removerRemove Damaged Screws, Bolts, Water Pipes & much more. – These extractors tips will remove most kinds of, stripped, rusted, broken, or stuck screws from any surface.

No more headaches when dealing with damaged pipes or screws. The spiral tips domed design engulfs any hole size for a snug fit that ultimately extracts the bit from the broken pipe or screw.

If you can use a drill, you can use the Screw Extractor.

The square end design allows the extractor to work with Wrenches, Pliers, Tap Wrenches or Die Stocks for easy operating. A must have for do it yourselfers, boat owners hobbyist mechanic, carpenters

The 5 piece screw extractor set works with any drill and any screw size or bolt. Easy removal of rusted, free-spinning screws, pipe heads, flat heads, and much more. Made from carbon steel & tempered twice for enhanced hardness and durability. 

Even if you break off the entire head of a screw or bolt, with these amazing tips you can still extract it right out.

No problem. You'll never again be slowed down or frustrated by a stripped screw or broken bolt.

1 # Specification: 4.0mm Use range: 3-6mm
2 # Specification: 4.5mm Use range: 6-8mm
3 # Specification: 6.5mm Use range: 8-11mm
4 # Specification: 7.5mm Use range: 11-14mm
5 # Specification: 11.0mm Use range: 14-18mm


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