5-1 Grooming Kit
5-1 Grooming Kit
5-1 Grooming Kit
5-1 Grooming Kit
5-1 Grooming Kit

5-1 Grooming Kit

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A Complete Shaving Device That's Designed to Tackle the Whole Body Without Irritation, Nicks, & Bumps.

The Ergonomically Designed Shaver gives you total control. Crafted to overcome shaving the most demanding and irritation-prone hair, such as coarse, curly, and thick hair. Meet the all-new 5 – 1 Grooming kit!

The Cleanest Shave of Your Life Without Requiring Multiple Passes Over The Skin.

The 5D head helps to enlarge contact area and reduces irritation, cutting hair precisely at the surface of your skin without leaving bumps or nicks, unlike other blades and razors which tug the hair.

Trim at any desired length.

Use any of the included safety guards to trim your hair to the specific length you desire, flawlessly every single time.

Shave when dry or a wet shave when in the shower, with water, gel or foams. Your not restricted with the all in one shaver. Do as you please.

The long-lasting and quick-charging lithium-ion battery is always protected by the waterproof design.

The Clean Shave head is designed to fit your facial contour, enabling you to shave without dead ends & cuts.

No more nicks, cuts, or pulling. Freedom Grooming makes manscaping quick, easy, and harmless. Take care of any hair type, coarse or soft, curly or straight.


5-IN-1: This electric head shaver and grooming kit contains FIVE different functions with variable accessories to fit all you need. The heads enable the trimming, shaping facial hair, clipping nose hairs, softening stubble, clean shaves & much more.

Symptoms of shaving irritation are painful, can cause you to feel uncomfortable and drain self confidence.

This shaver is devoted to create a spectacular shave that will leave you feeling good.

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